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tv   Geraldo at Large  FOX News  March 15, 2010 1:00am-2:00am EDT

1:00 am view the complete list and i hope you will that is all the time we have left this evening. thank you for being with us for our waste the waste 102 special. hope you have a great night. this is a fox news weather alert for much of the northeast this was the big one. a late winter storm packing torrential rains and hurricane force winds. tearing out and tossing trees around like they were made of paper ma shay smashing them into homes ripping out power lines and crushing cars. sometimes with their occupants still inside. before it was over at least 6 were dead, hundreds evacuated flooded towns thousands of travelers stranded beaches eroded and hundreds left without power. before we tally the storm's tole a quick note. andrew young joins us live to tell us how he avoided going to
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jail in a flap over the former presidential candidate sex tape. also dick morris will be live on whether democrats have the votes to pass healthcare and what happens to them if they do. i will probe the moupting pressure on the president from supporters that have been among his most loyal. we will take a closer look at the sometimes scary tv ads em employering conservatives to buy gold. the ferocious storm that ripped and roared killing two men a few miles from my home. >> the nor east nor' easter th yesterday has hit more than 11,000 people without electricity and 5 weather related deaths. here he has significant flooding. how are you faring? >> i think we are doing okay considering. our office of emergency
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management rescue squad has been at it for more than 24-hours and they have done an admirable job of safeguarding lives, property. people did an awesome job. >> hurricane force winds toppled enormous trees, slitting homes in half and severing power lines. two women were crushed as they walked from their sim bell. with the amount of money coming out we have only experienced minor injuries. it kind of borders your town? >> it borders our town. along with two large screams it is 28 feet and they are 35 feet about 7 above where we should be.
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tell me how that's affected your community? >> as of right now we had between 400 and 700 homes evacuated out of the 22 homes. >> rescue vehicles and boats from neighboring towns the emergency services are taking stranded residents out of their homes via boat. just look down there. there's a person just coming out of their house. >> like many communities in the northeast they were founded 400 years ago near award away that would transport goods from the coast so these river towns are prone to flooding. we had tropical storm ray. we had 42 feet of water. in 2010 we are at 38 feet. after a will it gets a little tiring. hee has lived on other own.
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she has seen their fair share of floods. >> we were getting worst for the first time. i think we got lucky. >> that is exactly the point we got lucky. my con dole men'ses -- when i went to bed i thought i would see the eye pock lips. it wasn't as bad as they will be. >> sring how the storm system it's as far west as minnesota and the severity of the snow will be hurricane type winds. i thought i would wake up and it was lake craig, thanks. does theity let's on what's become the infamous gjeks sap with john reel and rielle
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hunter. several months before the krau shall fist in the nation, edward beat hillary clinton putting more pain on the web site. if the iowa voters had known how kinky edwards was history might have been different. in any ways andrew young the key aid who revealed his boss's dark side in his best selling book, the politician narrturnaturely. he pus pekted andrew was not melling the whole tru -- telline truth. >> i couldn't have told the story without the text tape. we were offered money. i said no. i used to get up at 3:00 and walk down with a baseball bat. >> yes, he is naked. he is performing sexual acts.
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the woman is holding the camera. he's aware is he is being taped. >> that sex tape was my security. i at least had something to prove what had happened. >> what is your purpose for keeping the personal and vooif valt videotapes at this point? or trying to keep them? >> what's this -- it's not relevant to this providing. he has your honor in all of the things. i have two choices. i could lack you up for 75 days. i could say you were purged tonight buzz you haven't got fen on t oath and till you i don't have it. i hope to god you are telling the truth.
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it turns out wrong, you are going to pay for it. andrew young joins us live from winston salem, carolina. his torn hop pee elliot. dw can he did he tell sue the preponderance pea end of the sex >> she is going to blaine you for master mining the hold who is the daddy coverup? >> i i have no idea. i have heard that but i don't know if it's true or not. were you interviewed by the "washington post" and did they ask you pro respond to allocations that you were the bad guy. the "washington post" asked me to respond to statements made by
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real. i told them i would after i finish the tournament. let me -- were you the mastermind of the whole thing as this is edwards en, you are the guy who said wait a second i will just say the baby a mine. with the mark text or inge begin of john edwards demise. i that you this to you for the ford. they are saying i was the one that got all money the mastermind. if anybody has rid the book the voice mails e-mails texts very clearly show that john he had cards, we'll hunter. the boy those them just to be frank that's pat dently ab sured
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for someone when there's millions dof lalers flo floatin around. in>> in your book, i suggest it to any of our audience. the 2ir9 de lining it sometimes have. you know i have had best friend, guys, wasn't are in my checkered path volunteer myself to take the full beer for me. did you go to your buddy john edwards who you profess to move john, why don't we just say it's my baby? >> absolutely not. john edwards came to my wife to real. he called me while at pet start buying a turtle aware jum. this is two weeks because of the iowa oning cuss.
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that has been the predictor of his and probably in the last presidential elections. he could win all of the other candidates had some type of can sdal going on. but the main thing, the thing that was the one that through it over for my hive and will you mep me cover this up until she dies. >> i hate that guy i hate da guy. on friday in north kierl line gnaw it wasn't like wufrping out of the search there. it was prit powell kwent. they tell you about not having a copy of the sex tape. if you know the efl layings of
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the orders and hearings that have come about in this case it's extraordinary. it's another step in the intimidation of and sdr andrea . i think the judge had good intent to help secure the property. every order more it asked for additional things until it is a varia variant. he was asked to bring in anything with ms. hunter's name on it. we brought in a stack of national inquirers on friday. i think it's because he revealed more information they were asking for more than he needed to reseal. reiell hunter paying a team of lawyers where is she getting the money. that's the question. when i was on the stand the other day there were 6 or 7 of the cope pratt lawyers i have to
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tell you i felt like i was finding one of those nine headed tigers you cut one off and they will grow back. >> that's how they get you. lawyer after lawyer after lawyer. it's stone brook, good luck to you both. the book is "the poll significance. if you are t interested in politics. good look for fog us on. handy capping will they really pass healthcare this week. the problems with pittsburgh quarterback accused for the he could second time in 8 months. an american diplomat is murdered in drewing vie lengths in mexico. pat o'brien rye enon hooked in
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smart investors? this time, they're not just jumping back in. you know, this time around, i'm rethinking everything. i'm re-planning. rebooting. resetting. and, td ameritrade shows me how. they've got fast, easy screeners to help us choose. and retirement planning... with more real-world options. they've got the right tools... to retool. and i can try tools for free. before i open an account. it's like a test drive. it's like a free taste. time for fresh thinking. time for td ameritrade. >> we will have the votes when the house votes i think next week.
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this time next week you will be talking about healthcare reform not as a presidential proposal but as something that will soon be the law of the land. >> something house democrats are being asked to do they are being asked by the president to hold hands jump off the cliff and hope harry reid catches them in the senate after the bill is lost. this is the most brazen act of political arrogance i can remember since the watergate years. i think it's a political kamikaze for the democrats to insist on this. even if they get it done in passing healthcare a democratic death wish as lamar alexander suggests. joining us is author of 2010 take back america. a battle plan former clinton advisor dick barns has another sure fire best seller on his hands. dick, i don't think it makes a difference whether or not they pass healthcare. do you really -- i mean there's such a -- they are so irritating to so many americans. i think isn't the writing on the wall already on the midterm
1:17 am
elections? that's something unbelievable happened where you strike gold or something. >> i think either way we are going to lose. i think this should be more than a destination. you could lose a democratic seat in the congress if they try to pass it and begins to take effect if people get to see up close and personal how terrible it is. >> wait a second. you have done a study? so many congress people are incumbents and there are so many safe districts you are rit le ly saying the seats held by house democrats could go to republicans in november? >> absolutely. >> there are 270 democratic congressman. about 20 retired and are in districts where the republicans are likely to win. that means you need to knock off
1:18 am
20 more incumbents to get a majority. i think they will do that. but then i think there are 30-40 additional democratic congressmen who are in districts at my web site dick i have a whole list of them which by the way their telephone numbers district and washington for people to call to talk about about the healthcare vote. i believe if those folks by healthcare and they passed this bill after it has been rejected overwhelmingly by the american people, after it has been -- they try to do it in a convoluted ridiculous way they are trying to do it now jamming it through, i think they are is going to be unbelievable retribution. >> it's about time they did something not for themselves but for their country. if that's the way they really see it, i would honor them more if they went down with doing something that was honorable if that's the way they perceive it rather than discovering their
1:19 am
behind as they usually do. >> i did honor them geraldo. i quoted the charge of the light brigade where the charge of the light brigade there's to not make reply. but to do and die. >> on again, on again. >> you know what, geraldo, i think there's -- right now this is absolutely on the edge, if literally hand to hand district to district combat. the reason i can't make a predepositi -- prediction right now. it depends whether the people get on the phone and start calling these guys. i was short of breath, so i couldn't always do what i wanted to do. but five minutes ago, i took symbicort, and symbicort is already helping significantly improve my lung function. so, today, i've noticed a significant difference in my breathing. and i'm doing more of what i want to do.
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>> over the past few weeks a chorus of black leaders have started singing a new song. the president doesn't need a black agenda they are saying. he is not the president of black america he's the president of all america. i am having some trouble learning my heart and carrying this new tune. >> they have been shoring up support on the left from two groups that voted for him overwhelmingly. blacks and latinos. third he met separately with the congression nanal black caucus some who feel they are being neglected and with latino leaders impatient with the lack of progress on immigration reform. my next guest argues it is about time those groups started throwing their weight around essentially. he's my friend tavis smiley host of his own show on cbs. it's great to see you again.
1:24 am
>> geraldo -- >> you stirred the pot again. you have al sharpton praising obama's race neutral policy saying the president is smart not to ball lihue a black agenda. why is the reverend wrong? >> any person who calls himself a hispanic leader or black leader is wrong to suggest this or any other president does not need to focus on an urbana agenda or specifically on a black agenda. to the victor goes the spoils. what ever happened to that. if you make up the most loyal constituency in the president's base your needs ought to be addressed especially when you are the ones getting crushed the most. >> what about charles ogletre,the harvard professor who says he's confused at the very idea that a president who happens to be black has to focus on black issues. isn't president obama the president of all of the people
1:25 am
tav? we are all suffering. can you image with the problem he's having with healthcare can you image if he started talking a black agenda what would happen to his popularity. >> black folks and hispanics are americans, too. les we forget number one. number two, nobody denies the fact he inherited a great deal. somebody said he volunteered to take over the titanic after it hit the iceberg. they are right about that. the rest of the story is the titanic sunk the first that got off first the rich, lucky and well to do that's what happened in this recession. it's not about stirring the pot or a vendetta or any enemies against the president. it's understanding the least among us are being crushed. some of us in the media ought to
1:26 am
raise the questions. >> we count at the chicago state university, the black agenda is the american agenda. when is it? >> saturday march the 20th in chicago. you mentioned at chicago stadium. we are going to come live on c pan to talk about whether or not there is a need for a black agenda, what that black agenda is how you add vance that black agenda in this era of obama say nothing about the post racial america. it should be a spirit of conversation. >> i love you and i love your sincerity. with every word you say you believe. i want to leave the audience with dorothy heights the civil rights veteran says i am not one to say he should do things for his people and other people. i want him to be free to be himself. there's a whole spectrum of the debate. chicago state university next saturday. great being with you. >> love you and there's nothing you can do about it geraldo.
1:27 am
coming up new details on stories involving the late actor corey haines. did corie woodsdsdsdsdsdsĂșn
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from america's news headquarters, i'm mavericks mavs. power has -- i'm marianne rafferty. power restored to most places in chile following a massive outage. authorities are trying to determine if the blackout is related to the february 27th earthquake. toyota will hold a news conference on monday to release the results of their investigation into a runaway prius on a california highway. the driver called 911, saying his accelerator was stuck and pushing the brake didn't work. reports say toyota and federal investigators couldn't replicate the sudden
1:31 am
acceleration but the driver's attorney says damage to the brakes shows his client is telling the truth. i'm marianne rafferty. now, back to "geraldo at large." for all your latest headlines, > go to fox >> it is beyond crazy what i have done in my life to myself. >> oxycontin, percodan, percocet, cocaine which i got into at a young age. >> corey haim got that right he didn't wake up. the lost boys an the two coreys will be buried in native toronto. his unsurprising death and illegal and massive drug ring that super plied him enough addiction dope to choke a horse. president obama is expressing
1:32 am
sadness and outrage over the brutal assassination of three people connected to the american consulate and drug ravaged mexican border city of juarez across from el paso texas. the three victims included a married couple killed inside the u.s. border with their 1-year-old baby in the back seat. the baby survived. their murders are in addition to the 25 others reportedly killed in and around the resort city of acapulco today in the continuing drug violence that so far claimed almost 19,000 lives. that's in just the last four years. ne mexican authorities are planning a speedy investigation they say. but in the meantime americans especially college kids on next week's spring break are being advised to avoid or delay travel to mexican border towns like juarez, nogalis which was popular with students of arizona at the time and tee wanna. the dope that killed corie haines didn't come from latin
1:33 am
america like marilyn monroe to elvis to anna nicole and pretty murphy. he was addicted to prescription medicine by and large. tonight after authorities uncovered a fake prescription for the pain-killer made out to the lost boys star there is an investigation underway to determine whether the oxycontin that killed him came from a major drug ring specializing in stolen prescription pads using stolen doctor's identities. here is the his former partner in crime corey feldman. >> he has been battling addiction for his entire adult life. since i was 15 years old. in the beginning we battled addiction together. we both were going through similar problems. he has always kept trying and kept working and always kept fighting. then he would give up completely. he would be suicidal. so many attempts at suicide he has od's so many times. i am not going to say there aren't drugs involved.
1:34 am
when that all comes out we will understand exactly what happened. i believe his death was accidental. >> anyway my old friend pat o'brien brien we started together. great to see you, pat. former host of "access hollywood" and "the insider" now a colleague host of fox sports radio has had his own documented problems with drug abuse. i am sure he's on the mend. are you on the mend, pat? >> completely on the mend, pat. >> you look great. >> never been on the same screen together. >> that's right. we kind of grew up together. so wonderful to see you. i really lamented when you got in the jam there. before i talk about corey let me talk about you. what was your down fall so to speak? i am glad you salvaged yourself, but what happened? well i am an alcoholic. i hit bottom and had blackouts
1:35 am
all that kind of stuff. hair and makeup does great things for you on television. that was five or six years ago. in my case i got help. i had people, good friends who wereable to say, you know what? this has got to stop. i was smart enough to get some help and i got the right help and i went through it. the thing with corey haim and anna nicole what it does is under line something that you started and should have stopped a long time ago when you reported on doctor nick and elvis presley the abuse of prescription medicine, which i didn't have a problem with by the way. there are more people who die from prescription drugs than do recreational drugs now. corey haim didn't need an illegal prescription pad. there are more than 800 thousand web sites where you can get preprescription drugs order them on-line and have them at your doorstep the next day. >> attorney general jerry brown think he can make a difference or is it the ama?
1:36 am
where does the fault lie about this relatively new phenomenon? marilyn monroe it happened 50 years, 60 years ago. who is to blame? we have to have the personal accountable. >> you can't put the blame on anybody. corey should have been in rehab. he should have handcuffed him and taken him back to reab. there's a deeper darker psychological problem with all of these people. that's not going to be covered -- you can cover it up with a bill here and there but after a while you get addicted to the pills and the pill dos help you out then you are wide awake and you need something to go to sleep. anna nicole smith about four-days before she died i said to her on the air, i said i don't think you are going to make it. i said are you? she said i don't think so either. i took her aside i said you have got to get some help. what it comes back to, too, geraldo, something you know
1:37 am
about not personally but from breaking the elvis stories, these enablers and entitlement to actors nobody says no to them or anybody doesn't have to be celebrities. lots of people in that situation. just say no is the greatest line ever about drug abuse. just not saying no. it's knowing certainly so self inducted. tiger woods i have to toss to kimberly, but he said that he felt entitled. i think that a lot of people in show business to feel entitled to whatever they want with the drugs or sex or whatever it is. it is a sense of entitlement which really circumvent any kind of responsibility that's a tragedy and i don't know what the answer is. maybe just say no, bring all that back. great to see you. i am so glad you are on fox ma. new you can be number one again and take care of yourself and i am delighted you are on the
1:38 am
program. >> it's all good. back in the early days of television reporting, you and i were always entitled to the best story. don't forget that. >> only ones with mustaches. >> that's right. >> pat o'brien brien. thanks. now to a man who claims he was addicted to sex and drugs and rock and roll and golf. i don't know. kimberly is on the case of tiger woods and these intriguing new documents that have been released by authorities. kim? >> interesting developments with respect to the tiger woods case. we will file it under tonight's docket. the latest details of the thanksgiving night fender-bender that sent tiger woods to the hospital his name into the tabloid spotlight an his wife heading for the hills. this week the florida highway patrol released several documents stating tiger's wife elin handed cops 2 bottles of pain medication she said the golf great had taken earlier that day. doctors also say elin was not allowed to ride in the same
1:39 am
ambulance as tiger because paramedics were worried about domestic violence. joining me with the latest from the national inquirer who has broken news on this story left and right is editor dorothy casary. you have the explosive new details you reported it first, lay it on us. >> everybody knows tiger went into rehab for sex addiction. we reported tiger also went into rehab for drug addiction. and the drugs he is addicted is to is vicodvicodin. it was something he became addicted to after 2008 knee surgery and also ambian which is asleep aid he has been addicted to as well. now this story is completely consistent with the documents released by florida highway patrol. when tiger was at gentle path which is a sex addiction rehab he basically said a lot of his indiscretions were because he was using these drugs and because they were impairing his
1:40 am
judgment. this is according to our sources. the people there at the rehab center suggested you should go over to the meadows which is another rehab facility where they could focus on his a-dex to vicodin and ambian. >> there were a number of reports he was having trouble arch he had t -- after he had t injury. you guys also had reports about ambien being used to enhance his sexual fle pleasure or encountee had. sources tell us ambien was something he was using not to just get sleep at night but to enhance his sex life. our sources tell us that when he was at the rehab center for the
1:41 am
sex addiction he was kind of making light of the experience not necessarily taking it very seriously. we also know he went to the meadows to address the vicodvic. >> thanks again for the latest on tiger. heading back to the television screen this time as a cartoon character. south park will open the 14th season with the troubled golfer meeting stan kenny and cart man. it's an episode you don't want to miss. [ male announcer ] how can rice production in india
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oo oo attorney for pittsburgh steeler ben rothlisberger following the latest allegations he sexually assaulted someone. last june you might recall he was accused of rape. civil charges are still pending. last friday in georgia college town 20-year-old stou dent claims she, too, was sexually
1:46 am
assaulted by big ben. she was checked into a hospital did he rape her? he denies the charge any sex was consensual. they may -- she hit her head during rough sex he claims surveillance video where the alleged attack occurred. they asked him for a sample of his dna. won a super bowl himself for packers teaching young athletes how to act off the field. pittsburgh sports report writer, i am going to go to ellis if i may, bob -- i am sorry, eric. let me ask, seems to me the franchise owners are kind of family values people. i was in minneapolis when donte
1:47 am
cold pepper quarterback was thrown off the team he was forced to trade to the miami dolphins for the sex-capades on a cruise boat rothlisberger in danger of getting the heave hoe from the steelers despite he won two super bowls? >> he is being cautious. you are right the organization has long stood for a higher standard. at the least it would appear they would exercise poor judgment at most. it does not welcome it. it does not embrace it. it handles it in its own way. perhaps differently than another organization. however you look at it i think a lot of people who follow the steelers have grown weary of some of this stuff. we have become familiar with hue teeny on the field.
1:48 am
he is using not the best judgment and tempting fate can get in the way. >> the motorcycle crash he wasn't wear will a helmet. >> it was his 28th bette day part -- birthday party. they drink and go to a bar. i guess the young ladies falling all over him and then she says no at some point she says yes if that's what happened. how do you teach that? how do you teach a jock who is making 10, $15 million a year knows his career has a five, six, seven year life-span how do you teach him restraint and perspective? >> you don't see it when they have a coach in high school at the college level. it's not happening in high school or college. we teach these young men okay you have to watch what you are doing. in the limelight.
1:49 am
once you get on the professional level it's too late. talk about entitlement, i understand the girl claims he raped her and there's pictures of ben rothlisberger with the cops posing hey signing autographs from the authorities. no wonder he feels entitled. >> no question they have established a public relationship with law enforcement all over the country. it would not be anything alarming however for them to be seen with them an hour or so beforehand to so one of the officers as part of the group or for that matter individual photographs but they may be relevant but quite candidly what happened with the medical records since you are well aware of geraldo all of those types of matters will give the greatest
1:50 am
direction to where this is going and frankly where it has already been as part of the investigation. >> i am out of time. got to go. i predict he gets traded. what's behind the hard sell? that after this. ccccccc
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radio oo families pushed over the edge. you don't have to see your hard earned savings shinning to nothing. invest in gold. >> gold has always been a hedge. but never has the pitch been so poignant. >> i buy gold because it helps
1:54 am
protect against inflation. >> well-known couples. >> targeting the conservative investor. these ads seem as ideological as they are financial. >> spending faster than ever to have the wall street bailout than $10 trillion debt. >> inflation and falling dollar. unlike the dollar the government can't print more gold. >> if you are looking for security it all comes down to this fiscal conservatives say the only way to earn your life savings was to invest in gold. but it's never been as high as i can recall to ideology and politics as it is today.
1:55 am
did make odd idea yo logic sense. what i fear is hyping it goes to the unsophisticated investor and then it places a price that might, the savvy guys will have it down the line they will get tough. >> there's no doubt about it. absolutely. everybody's situation is unique. going and taking your entire portfolio and life savings is about as smart as putting it stocks ten years ago. some of the aspects where it is a hedge but why gold why not ore commodities. the biller room you have crooks out there selling these gold coins with 30-40 percent spreads with differential. you are going in and buying some of the stuff and it's worth 30
1:56 am
percent less than what you bought it for the next day. >> we are not saying that about the people that advertise on our network we are just suggesting, ladies and gentlemen, that you might want to diversify and maybe commercials aren't the way you should be encouraged to invest your money. but having some gold you have no problem with that, i mean in a truly diversified portfolio. >> it's like an insurance policy. insurance is good whether or not it's when you pay for it. if you are paying too much for the insurance or you put too much into it in your portfolio it can wind up blowing up on you. >> do most people carry the gold around? what do they do keep it in their homes? >> if you were doing that you have to also spend money on extra insurance on your house. >> you have to have the spot -- >> with the tuna fish cans and and mad max didn't need go gold needed fuel. never been on the end of the
1:57 am
world. >> chris barkowski. that's it for us. peter graves for mission impossible. too bad. great guy. cc relax. recharge and restore. introducing the refreshing fragrance of cool serenity. with hints of soothing water, fresh peony flowers,
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and rich sandalwood. find it in the new relaxing moments collection from glade. s.c. johnson. a family company.
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